At Paradise Adventures we believe there are places that are so amazing, they stay with you long after you’ve experienced them. We’re fortunate enough to call one of those places “home”. Although Sarasota’s white sand beaches get all the attention, the mangrove tunnels on Lido Key are Sarasota’s true hidden gem. We could not call ourselves Paradise Adventures if we were offering you anything less than our name implies.

At Paradise Adventures, our number one concern is making sure you have the time of your life on your kayak tours in Sarasota, Florida. We like to say that the only thing we don’t do for you is paddle. We provide top not kayaks and paddleboards, paddles, safety equipment, ice cold drinking water, a laminated map of the area, and everything else you need to make some awesome memories with your family on the beautiful waters of Sarasota Bay.

Join us in paradise, and we will provide the adventures!
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190 TAFT DR. • SARASOTA, FL 34236