Why Choose A Guided Kayak Tour?

You’re in Sarasota – one of the most beautiful places in the world – it’s no wonder you are looking for ways to get outdoors! With so many options for exploring our city, why choose a guided kayak tour? We are glad you asked.

Choosing to take part in a Sarasota guided kayak tour can take your experience in the water to the next level. With professionals who have a trained eye for finding the wildlife, you are sure to see some beautiful sights and learn more about the nature that surrounds us. Getting into some hidden spots that even many locals don’t know about is just one of the perks of traveling with a team who knows the area like the back of their hand.


No Experience Needed

We hear it all too often – people making excuses for why they aren’t out and about, enjoying life – but here at Paradise Adventures, we won’t have any of it! We have got you covered when it comes to kayaking or paddle boarding and there is absolutely no experience needed. If you have ever felt nervous about getting on the water, then one of our guided tours is most certainly for you.


Get Close To Nature

One of the most amazing things about our vibrant Sarasota Bay is the amount of wildlife that happens to be a part of our ecosystem. Throughout the daily grind of work and errands, many residents rarely get a chance to discover and admire the incredible nature around them in our own city. Paradise Adventures has a heart for letting you get up close and personal with the beauty that surrounds us – yet often gets overlooked.