At Paradise Adventures, the premier kayak tours company in Sarasota, our number one concern is making sure you have the time of your life on the water here in Sarasota, Florida. We like to say that the only thing we don’t do for you is paddle. We provide top not kayaks and paddleboards, paddles, safety equipment, ice cold drinking water, a laminated map of the area, and everything else you need to make some awesome memories with your family on the beautiful waters of Sarasota Bay.

Sarasota Kayak Tours


Owner, Tour Guide, Go-Pro Videographer

Orlando has never lived more than an hour’s drive away from the ocean. He grew up loving the Pacific Ocean’s waves on the coast of his native Nicaragua. The Atlantic Ocean is where he developed his love for kayaking when he lived in Miami. Now, Sarasota Bay and the Gulf of Mexico are the waters he now calls home. A Florida Master Naturalist for Coastal Systems, Orlando loves guiding guests through the flora and fauna of the bay. You will rarely see him without at least 2 GoPro cameras because he refuses to miss the perfect shot… be it a friendly dolphin swimming under his kayak, the serene tranquility of the mangrove tunnels, or a child’s look of amazement when she sees a manatee in the wild for the first time.  Join him on tour or check out his awesome videos on the Paradise Adventures YouTube channel. 

Sarasota Kayak Tours


Owner, Customer Experience Specialist

A North Central Florida guy through and through! His love for the water started on the Santa Fe River, Ginnie Springs, Blue Springs, and the Ichetuknee Springs.  A move to Clearwater Beach gave him his first taste of the salt life.  He has never felt more at home than in the waters surrounding beautiful Sarasota.  We believe that the customer experience is what sets Paradise Adventures apart from the pack, and Josh our team member who established the level of customer service we strive to achieve every single day.  He instilled in our company DNA to prioritize each customer as if they were members of our own family. Visit us and you won’t be able to miss Josh’s welcoming smile and helpful demeanor.