Paddleboarding. It’s all the rage right now! If you haven’t tried it yet, you most certainly should. Being on the water in such a serene way gives you a new perspective of the area as well as a new view from your stand up positioning. In addition to just being a great time, paddleboarding is also a great workout! There are misconceptions about paddleboarding and there are some unanswered questions about how to do it and who may be able to rent one, so here at Paradise Adventures, we have decided to out together some tips to make your paddleboarding experience a great one.

We are your one stop shop for Sarasota Paddleboard Rentals – so we have seen a thing or two out on our waters! Here are 10 tips for beginners. Most of all, have fun!

  • Make sure your paddle is the right way. (We will show you how it’s done!)
  • Stand facing the correct direction. The fin on the board will be in the back!
  • Paddle with your core. Instead of focusing on how your arms are pushing and pulling, make sure your core is engaged.
  • Look at the horizon. This will keep you balanced.
  • Stay a safe distance from others. Whether that be boaters, kayakers, or other boards, it is easy to bump and fall!
  • Fall the right away. These boards are hard and heavy. Make sure you gracefully fall into the water.
  • Connect with a leash. (We got you!)
  • Watch the wind. Be conscious of how the wind and water is moving around you.
  • Look after your board and paddle. They are fragile and work best when used properly!
  • Ask any questions! We are here to help you have a blast!

It’s okay if you feel nervous! You can definitely do it. We look forward to getting the chance to teach you and bring you along for a quick tour or send you on your way with a rental for the day. Contact us today with any questions that you may have! We are here to make your Sarasota paddleboard experience an excellent one.

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