Explore Sarasota Waters

Explore the waters of Sarasota by renting a kayak from Paradise Adventures. We offer all of the gear that you’ll need to use the kayaks as well as lessons for those who have never used them before. Our company offers several different packages depending on how long you want to Read more…

Stand Up Paddleboard Tips

Paddleboarding. It’s all the rage right now! If you haven’t tried it yet, you most certainly should. Being on the water in such a serene way gives you a new perspective of the area as well as a new view from your stand up positioning. In addition to just being a great time, paddleboarding is also a great workout! There are misconceptions about paddleboarding and there are some unanswered questions about how to do it and who may be able to rent one, so here at Paradise Adventures, we have decided to out together some tips to make your paddleboarding experience a great one.


Sarasota Residents, Now’s Your Time!

We are the lucky ones. The ones that get to call Sarasota and the surrounding areas our home. For so many, Sarasota is a vacation they get to take once in their lifetime, but not for us. We get to live this beauty year round! Although we all live busy lives, we can sneak away to the beach for a dinnertime sunset or spend the morning kayaking on the bay. When was the last time you made that a priority?


Ideal Central Sarasota Kayak Location

Sarasota is a bustling city full of great activities and rich culture. There is something to do and to see around every turn & we hope that whether you are a local or a visitor you get the chance to experience all that our city has to offer. One of the great many advantages to living or traveling in Sarasota is the fact that the water is easily accessible from just about any part of the town. At Paradise Adventures, we love that we launch from an ideal central Sarasota kayak location so that it is easy for you to get to us for a morning on the bay & still enjoy the rest of your day in town.


The Best Kayaking Spot For Tampa & Orlando

The Florida Gulf Coast is the ideal spot to jump into a kayak and spend the day exploring – although not every kayak spot is ideal. We have countless customers who have come to us from all over the state & we know that we have a hidden gem in the FL landscape! If you are in the greater Tampa or Orlando areas and looking for a place to take a beautiful kayaking tour, look no further than Sarasota.